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Insanely Fast! PCIe ThunderBolt 3 SSD Mac Backup Drives

A new generation of beyond mind-blowingly fast NVMe PCIe SSD Thunderbolt 3 drives for Mac are hitting the market. If you're fortunate enough to own a new MacBook Pro or iMac with next-generation Thunderbolt 3 ports, you're likely to want ultra-fast peripherals to take advantage of it's impressive 40Gbps bandwidth. There are a few fairly affordable portable Thunderbolt3 SSD blade drive options that have reached the market which can deliver insane 2000MBps Read / Write speeds for several hundred bucks.

Portable Thunderbolt3 NVMe SSD Blade Drive

480GB Storage Capacity - Integrated TBolt3 Cable

If your needs are more modest and your wallet more thrifty, ponder a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2 USB-C SSD for Mac backup drive that uses PCIe NVMe SSD blades that are wrapped in a far more affordable USB-C enclosure that bypasses the expense of drive cases that use Thunderbolt 3 chipsets and add significantly to the cost. The fastest are USB 3.1 Gen 2 enclosures that use PCIe modules - though you may find USB 3.1 enclosure that support SATA M.2 SSD modules to be far more affordable. The M.2 form-factor is very standard and easy to find compatible modules. Things get trickier with PCIe modules which may have more sizes shapes and pinouts - making sourcing your own DIY Thunderbolt 3 'compatible' USB-C Mac backup drive solution a bit more difficult to get the right parts for.

Best Tax Apps For MacOS - 2017 Tax Year

Death and Taxes are something we all have to deal with. For MacOS users looking for the best Mac compatible tax preparation software, there are basically two primary choices. That means either Intuit Software's TurboTax Mac or H&R Blocks Tax

Mac Turbo Tax 2017 Tax Year Download

Federal + State with eFile

Note the above is the most popular version of Mac OSX compatible tax software for Macs - The Deluxe version which includes both Federal and your particular State with eFile. Select users who live in states that don't have state income taxes can opt for a more stripped down BASIC version.

If you're a small business owner, self-employed and file a Schedule-C for your business expenses, you'll need to step up to the pricier Home & Business version. Years back the Deluxe version used to include Schedule-C calculations but no longer.

TurboTax Mac Business Software For 2017 Tax Year

Includes Federal and State plus eFiling

One last thing to note: MacOS minimum computer system requirements for Intuit's Mac tax app have gone up since last year. Now, you'll basically need a Mac made in 2010 or newer that's capable of running Mac OSX ElCapitan at a minimum, and is compatible with more recent MacOS Sierra and High Sierra as well. My 2012 MacBook Air needed a painful and time-consuming upgrade from OSX Yoemitie to High-Sierra before I could even launch the TurboTax Mac software I'd downloaded.

Made On Mac - Virtual Rock Band Music Video - The Foshays

The Foshays Virtual Cartoon Band
Love Rock 'n' Roll? Love motion graphic music videos? A virtual band The Foshays are a comic / cartoon garage band musical group who recently released their first 2D motion graphics music video 'Til It's Gone. It's a great example of the eye-popping moving imagery that you can create with a high-end Mac running OSX and Adobe After Effects. Watch the animated cartoon band's debut video below:

In the animated rock band's video you'll see some awesome text and graphic image effects: slides, cross-fades, pushes, wipes, spins and scrolling text. It's an awesome display of After Effects capabilities on a Macintosh even when moving video footing isn't used. If you groove on this musical band animation, stay tuned for more comic music videos by the Foshays as their 2nd motion graphics video hits computer screens in early 2018.

Automatic SEO Article Writer And Blog Post Generator

A Rapid Article Writer For Mac Bloggers

Are you a Mac blogger like me wanting a solution to relieve the agony of writing or contracting out content writing projects? Articoolo is a cutting-edge algorithmic / computer generated SEO content (AGC) / (CGC) app that is able to write highly unique, proofread, quality automatically written articles in 1 or 2 minutes - at a very, very low cost per article.

Automatic Content Creation

You should check out Articoolo's automatic content writing software which can generate exceptionally readable, correctly written web content in minutes minimizing expenditures and delays. By simulating a humanistiic content writer, short articles or blog posts of up to or around five hundred words are able to be generated from an initial seed thematic keyword phrase.

Intelligent Unique Article Generator

By incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms, Articoolo is proficient at collecting appropriate content, redrafting it, and arranging it into discrete paragraphs. In a 2nd step of processing, it reevaluates and improves the content's syntax and spelling and punctuation, then runs a CopyScape assessment for content uniqueness just before finalizing the file.

Try Before You Buy SEO Article Content

When its complete, you're offered a blurred sneak peek that shows just some of the lines visibly (usually one for every paragraph) so that you can examine it's general tone and quality of the article prior to deciding to buy it. You only spend credits when and if you make a choice to buy the article. It is then that the full content of the generated article is disclosed. You can then save the file to your computer, print it or e-mail it to a coworker.

Thousands Of Article Topics - But Not All

Generally, Articoolo is pretty good at finding thematic, relevant content on nearly any topic. Just modify or simplify your seed keyphrase if it struggles to find related articles. When you need very specific, in-depth content I recommend outsourcing to Jonathan Leger's I need Articles site for specific content needs.

Cross-Platform Article Generator Tool

Articoolo is a platform-neutral SaaS - Software as a Service cloud app readily available from basically any web connected computing platform. One is free to use Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, or even Android OS and is functional via any web browser you prefer to use.

Fresh WordPress Content Made Easy

An Articoolo plugin for Wordpress websites is additionally offered which allows web designers to access the article creation tool and easily obtain and post thematically relevant articles for their website or blog, right from inside your WordPress control panel.

Free To Try Article Writing App

For many of this gadget gal's content generation needs, Articoolo is a time-saving SEO tool Apple webmasters and bloggers should check out. It costs nothing to explore and generate an article. It's especially beneficial for giving me a working draft to kickstart my next content writing piece that I can quickly tweak and fine tune to my specifications.

Top 4 Portable Battery Powered Printers For iPad

Battery Operated Portable Wireless iPad Printer Recommendations

Considering buying an Apple compatible portable printer for your iPad or iPad Pro tablet? There's a couple of compact and small and lightweight battery-powered printer choices optimal for mobile Apple tablet users traveling and on the go. Just a few companies make Apple iOS friendly mobile printing solution optimized for the iPad and iPhone market, so choosing on which to buy is more straightforward than having to compare the myriad number of choices in the broader desktop and office inkjet scene.

Who Manufactures Apple Friendly Wireless Travel Printer Hardware?

Currently there are just a couple of Apple compatible mobile printer manufacturers to focus on. Specifically, these are Hewlett Packard, Epson Americas, and Canon USA. Each of the below mentioned Apple friendly mobile printing solution manufacturers support wireless printing to an iPad Air or Pro tablet, iPhone (or MacBook) using AirPrint and/or Wi-Fi Direct wireless functions.

Apple compatible mobile printer solutions from HP

Hewlett Packard currently makes two battery operated Apple friendly travel printing products: One of them is both a printer / scanner combo for both scanning and printing when required.

iPad Compatible Mobile HP All-In-One : OfficeJet 250

HP 250 Portable MFP Printer

USB + WiFi Scanner Printer Copier

iPad Compatible Mobile HP Inkjet Printer - OfficeJet 200

HP 200 Portable iPad Printer

WiFi + US Mobile Inkjet Printing

HP's OfficeJet 200 is lighter and more compact but offers print only abilities. The Office Jet 250 MFP delivers both scanning and printing MFP - AIO abilities but is the largest and most heavy of all the Apple iPad compatible mobile printer solutions currently shipping. Both provide AirPrint And Wi-Fi Direct wireless compatibility, as well as USB connections for MacBook laptops.

Apple friendly travel printing solution from Canon

Canon's newest portable product is the IP 110 model. It too features AirPrint or Wi-Fi Direct connectivity for easy, wireless iPhone or iPad tablet printing.

iP110 Canon iPad Printer

Wireless OSX and IOS Device Printing

The cheapest starting option for battery-operated Apple friendly mobile iPad printing, but note a rather large bolt-on battery is optional and is not bundled in the IP110's box.

Apple friendly portable printer solution from Epson

Epson Americas's current battery-powered mobile printing solution for iPad tablets is the WF - WorkForce 100. It's one of the most diminutive and lightest of the competition.

WF-100 Epson Portable Printer

Wireless OSX or IOS Printing

The printer includes a LCD color control panel. A built-in LiOn battery can be trickle charged from either your MacBook or PC notebook computer's USB port, or via an AC power adaptor.

Apple friendly mobile printing solutions that support IOS

Many users evaluating and shopping for an Apple friendly battery-powered travel printer need to print from their IOS iPhone or iPad tablet. For these environments, The above portable printers that offer AirPrint And Wi-Fi Direct wireless compatibility should be a priority so that your IOS phone or iPad tablet can print wirelessly and easily to the Apple compatible mobile printer when needed.

ATSC Digital USB HD TV Tuners For Mac OSX

USB TV Tuners Compatible With MacOS

Some computer accessories such as an Apple compatible TV tuner can provide a lot of enjoyment to your Apple computer setup. If you get your television free over an indoor or outdoor antenna - an investment in USB HD television tuner for Mac OSX can deliver broadcast HD and SD TV directly to your MacBook laptop or desktop Macintosh computer system.

Mac Compatible HDTV Tuner Stick

Bundled With EyeTV DVR Recording App

HDTV DVR Software Apps For Mac OSX

Some of the options a USB Apple TV tuner gives you the capabilities to not just watch, but schedule and record your favorite TV movies and shows - but then edit and export your favorite content. You can burn programs to a DVD disc, or convert your video file to common video formats standardized for your AppleTV or iOS device or other handheld video player. To get the most of one's television experience, you'll want to add a good set of great sounding computer speakers for TV watching in high-fidelity. Really high-quality audio is something a Mac's internal speakers often fail to provide.

Analog and Digital Video / Television Recording Devices

You should know there are two kinds of TV signals: Analog and HD Digital. For most, purchasing a an All-Digital tuner gadget is the best choice. Whether you purchase a HDTV tuner for MacBook from Geniatech, ElGato, Pinnacle, Happauge or SiliconDust- all offer Apple Mac specific models which include OSX applications like EyeTV for Macintosh users to receive, enjoy watching and capture and record whichever programs meets your interests.

Wireless Apple Tablet Printing : AirPrint Printers

Wireless iPad Printing : AirPrint Compatible Printers

Wireless printing from the insanely popular Apple tablet is maturing thanks to the latest round of AirPrint enabled desktop and portable printer for iPad choices that are now available from Brother, Epson, Canon Inc. and Hewlett-Packard. While initially a weak point, recent updates to Apple's iOS handheld operating system have brought more powerful wireless printing capabilities for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models.

Top-Selling WiFi Printer For MacBook, iMac, MacMini

Wireless iOS Device Printing Too!

AirPrint Printers For Apple iPad Tablets

AirPrint printing is seamless and completely wireless. The iPad or other iOS gadget auto discovers and connects to AirPrint enabled printers out on your wireless local network. AirPrint technology support is in Safari, Apple Mail, Photos, iWork, PDFs in iBooks, and a lot of 3rd-party apps with built-in printing needs.

Wireless Mobile Printer For iPad, iPhone, Mac

Top-Selling Portable Color Inkjet Printer

Printing From An iPad Via WiFi Direct / AirPrint

Initially, only a few printer manufacturers provided AirPrint support in their wireless printers for Mac and Apple hand-held devices. But with the astonishing success of the iPhone and iPad tablet, literally hundreds of millions of devices in the hands of consumers compelled printer manufacturers to support printing from iOS.

Printing To Non-AirPrint Printers Using OSX Printer Sharing

Carefully researching and choosing specific models of AirPrint capable printers are the smart shopper's choice. However, some clever Mac applications and iOS app hacks can allow iPad printing to a USB printer connected to and shared a Mac by what they call "Bridging". These apps allow your Apple handheld device to bridge printer data through a MacBook notebook or desktop computer that's live on the network to any shared printer its set up to print to.

Portable Wireless Speakers For iPad Audio Enjoyment

Speakers For iPad

With well over 30 million Apple tablets have been sold to date the demand for iPad wireless speakers and stereo headsets is growing as well. While the iPad ships with a pair of wired Apple headphones for personal listening, users want higher-quality audio options. And people love the untangled freedom of wireless technology.

Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Long Battery Life and Wireless Range, Great Sound

Stereo A2DP Bluetooth Audio

The iPad's support for A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile - allows stereo Bluetooth speakers to receive streaming audio at close range. It's important to note that Bluetooth is a PAN - Personal Area Network technology, and as such is suited for nearby, in-room audio. Generally, that means less than 10 meters or about 30' range at best.

Wireless Speakers And Headsets for iPads

Whether you choose a 1 or 2 piece Bluetooth wireless speaker system, a Bluetooth headset for iPad use, or a wireless Bluetooth transmitter to send your iPad's audio to your home stereo system - there's an ever growing number of wireless audio products to meet the needs of both your budget and your ears.

Wireless Peripherals And Accessories For iPad

Best iPad Accessories? Think Wireless

The mind blowing sales of Apple iPads has launched a huge range of wired and wireless iPad accessories and peripherals for both Mac and PC users. But watch many of these Apple tablet users in action and you'll see the problems wired add-ons cause. The lightweight freedom soon becomes tethered to a rats-nest of wires.

Great Sounding Headset For iOS & MacOS Gadgets

High-Quality Audio - With Analog, Bluetooth or USB Connectivity

Bluetooth Speakers and Headsets

The iPad's built-in WiFi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities deserve a top spot on your tech radar. Not just for internet connectivity, but the freedom things like Bluetooth headsets or wireless speakers for iPad can bring to your daily use. Streaming A2DP Bluetooth audio can let you roam around the room and listen to your favorite music and audio loud and clear. Wireless Bluetooth stereo iPad headsets can deliver a more personal and immersive private listening experience.

Ultra-Compact Wireless Mobile Printer

USB or WiFi Direct Printing From iPad, iPhone, Mac

Wireless iPad Printers

With recent improvements to the iOS operating system for iPod Touch, iPhone as well - iPad printing has matured and is no longer the Work-Around and software Hack sort of experience that frustrated users early in the iPad's launch. A growing number of AirPrint compatible printers for iPad enable reliable wireless WiFi Direct or AirPrint printing directly from any iOS handheld device with auto-discovery ease.

Bluetooth Speakers and Headsets

The iPad's built-in WiFi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities deserve a top spot on your tech radar. Not just for internet connectivity, but the freedom things like Bluetooth headsets or wireless speakers for iPad can bring to your daily use. Streaming A2DP Bluetooth audio can let you roam around the room and listen to your favorite music and audio loud and clear. Wireless Bluetooth stereo iPad headsets can deliver a more personal and immersive private listening experience.

Microphones For iPads

For audio capture, some might think a wireless microphone may be most convenient. But the reality is a direct 3.5mm Analog or Apple Lightning connected microphone are a better choice for reliable operation and optimal sound quality.

Wireless Accessories For Apple iPad Tablets

Free yourself from the clutter and tangle of wired gadgets for iPad whenever possible. Remember, all it takes is one yank of a wire to a speaker or headset to send your iPad crashing to the floor. Going wireless whenever possible will bring you both untethered freedom - and peace of mind.

SuperSpeed USB3 Peripherals for Macs

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Apple Computer Peripherals

After enduring a sluggish start, USB 3.0 add-ons and gadgets are finally coming to market to deliver on the promise of low-cost, next-generation seriously high-speed computer data I/O rates. USB 3 - also called 'SuperSpeed' - has the potential for up to 10 times the performance of the current USB 2.0 standard while preserving backward compatibility (at slower speeds with legacy USB2 interface gadgets and peripherals.

Top-Selling USB3 Hard Drive For Mac

Affordable And Colorful OSX TimeMachine Backups

USB3 Drives For TimeMachine Backups And OSX Drive Cloning

Perhaps of all Super-Speed accessories, a USB 3.0 external drives can provide extraordinary speed improvements any computer user will find convincing. Offering up to 5GBps transmission line performance, USB3 promises to deliver disk drive back-ups in a few minutes instead of hours. With handheld computing devices, expect synchronizing data to occur in virtually seconds. And with additional milliampheres of current available via USB 3 than over USB 2 ports, expect the ability to re-charge battery powered computer gadgets through USB 3.0 in nearly half the time.

Glyph USB 3.1 SSD Mac Backup Drive

Ideal For New USB 3.1 / ThunderBolt 3 MacBook Models

USB3 Interfaces On All Macintosh Computers

A flourishing variety of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cables, hubs, ExpressCard or PCI-e USB 3.0 adapters for legacy logic boards now join the USB 3 ports now being incorporated into new Windows desktop and notebook systems. As hoped for, Apple has finally introduced MacBook laptops with USB3. Expect to see USB 3.0 on other Macintosh computer models being shipped in the product revisions ahead. Now's an excellent time to learn more and check out the advantages USB 3.0 can provide to your future computing lifestyle. You'll find the delays in delivering SuperSpeed to the consumer will have been truly worth the wait.

Wireless Printers For iOS Gadgets and MacOS

Best Wireless Printers for Mac and Apple iOS Gadgets

Often one of the first peripherals new Mac computer buyers are likely to purchase is a MacOS compatible printer for their paper output needs. With well over dozens of printer drivers now included with OSX Sierra and Lion, printer compatibility is largely automatic for all but the most recent latest printer models. Four simple things can assist Apple users determine the optimal printing solution to buy.

Low-Cost Wireless IOS and OSX Printer

USB, WiFi Direct and Apple AirPrint Compatible

Mac Compatible Printer Interface Options

What Kind Of Output - Are you needing photo-quality or plain-paper prints for iPhoto, Photoshop and other Macintosh graphic programs? Amateur photographers will decidedly want photo-quality ink-jets with 6 or more color cartridges for top-quality photo realism.

Kind of Interface Connections - USB 2.0 is typically the most straight-forward way to attach any printing accessory. A network Ethernet printer interface is ideal for shared and large workgroup environments. But Apple MacOS and iOS users have an affinity for wireless freedom. There are now many wireless printer options for Mac and iOS gadgets that don't tether you to your desk.

Per-Page Print Costs - Nothing beats a simple B & W Mac compatible laser printing solution for lowest cost per-page output. With recent price drops, you can find a color laser printer for Mac for well under $200, well less than many B&W models used to cost.

Wireless Color Laser Printer For iOS and Mac OSX

Fast, Reliable Color Prints For Apple Computing Gadgets

Desktop vs Portable Printer Options

A few manufacturers like Canon, Primera, Epson and HP sell battery-powered options for mobile printing on the go. Review and compare these mobile MacBook printer vendors for notebook travel printer needs.

Shopping For A Mac Compatible Printer

With Apple's rapidly exploding user base - and incompatible Macintosh-specific interfaces now a thing of the past, Apple's embrace of industry standards have decidedly made choosing a printer for your Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro tower or Mac mini far easier than ever before.

Portable USB Computer Speakers For MacBook Laptops

USB Powered Laptop Computer Speakers

The most notable trend in laptop computing has been consistent over the years; smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Unfortunately laptop audio has suffered as a result, with ever-smaller speaker drivers crammed into ever-tighter spaces in Apple's ultra-thin MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. Many users want improved audio and an abundance of affordable USB and Bluetooth speaker systems exist.

SoundBlaster Speaker For MacBook, iPad, iPhone

Analog, Bluetooth or USB Audio Connectivity

Better Speakers For MacBook Audio Playback

For mobile presentation professionals or music lovers on the go, the best laptop speakers embody great sound quality with convenient portability. For many users, portable USB computer speakers fit the bill nicely, at their desktop - or on the road. Getting both power and pure digital stereo audio over a single cable, USB speakers can provide room-filling sound with the mere 5 volts of power from a laptop computer's USB port, no batteries required.

Improved And Louder MacBook Speaker Options

Quality matters: Well-engineered, sensitive driver cones in portable speakers can deliver surprising full-range frequency response in a small package if well designed. For maximum portability, look to 1-piece USB laptop speaker systems with dual stereo drivers inside. For maximum sound quality and wide stereo separation, look to 2-piece systems. Either way, many are compact enough to be stored in your notebook's carry case without adding too much weight or additional bulk.

Shopping For USB Laptop Speakers

Wether you have a Windows laptop, an Apple MacBook or intend on improving an ultra-compact Netbook speaker system with its tiny, tinny built-in drivers: All benefit from a thoughtfully chosen portable USB audio solution to let you hear what you've been missing.

SSD Drive Upgrade Options For Apple Computers

Best SSD Drives For Mac Computers

Flash memory SSD hard drive technology is delivering peak performance to Apple computers. A solid-state SSD for Mac is the single best performance upgrade you can give your computing experience. If you're not technically inclined, Apple offers Build-To-Order SSD upgrade options when you order a new Mac. But many technical users opt for a do-it-yourself hard disk swap. For many Macintosh computers a hard drive swap can be performed in a few minutes, other models are not so simple and best left to a qualified computer technician.

Ultra-Fast SATA III SSD For Mac

High-Capacities At Affordable Cost Per Gigabyte

Mac Compatible SATA SSD Drives

For Mac's prior to 2012, SATA III interface drives are the right type for an SSD for Macbook laptop or Mac mini computer models. During this era the majority of SSD's available are in the small 2.5" laptop drive size. For other Apple desktop systems, a 3.5" form-factor SSD drive or using a drive adapter case is what's needed for doing an iMac SSD upgrade or a Macintosh Pro desktop sold-state drive swap.

Transcend MacBook SSD Upgrade Modules

Kit With USB3 SSD Enclosure For Replaced Module

SATA & PCI SSD Modules For Newer Macs

In 2012 and beyond, Apple began using SSD MODULES. Initially, these were custom SATA interface modules. More recently, Apple has begun using PCIe based modules for even more speed. Your choices for internal SSD Apple upgrades are more limitied since only companies like OWC and Transcend make Apple compatible solid-state drive modules that have the custom pin configurations needed for Mac compatibility.

Benefits Of A Mac SSD Flash Memory Drive Upgrade

Once you experience the speed of an SSD in your Apple computer, you won't go back. The blazingly fast disk performance of an SSD will transform your computing experience. Solid-state memory chips now outperform all traditional spinning platter drives with up to three times the Read and Write speeds of a conventional hard drive. Have the best Mac computer experience ever with a Mac compatible SSD upgrade for your aging Apple laptop or desktop system, or plan on one for your next Macintosh.

Top-Selling Mac Applications At A Discount

Best-Selling Mac Software Programs - At A Discount

The bundled Mac OSX applications that come with a new Macintosh computer are a great starting point. But many will long for additional apps - and want to expand their horizons with the best Mac software from 3rd-party developers to complete their productivity, gaming and utility software arsenal. With Apple's growing market-share, software development has become more profitable and has become a very lucrative market for smaller developers to get a toe-hold into.

Better Mac Software Prices At Amazon Than Apple Store

Shop anywhere else but the Apple Store - and you can easily find any of Apple's own top-selling programs for Mac OSX at a generous discount from their full retail list prices. A bit of online comparison shopping, perusing product reviews can point to savings on nearly any Mac compatible software programs for Apple's OSX operating system.

With the recent release of Apple's App Store integrated into MacOS Yosemitie, Mavericks and Sierra - a huge shift in OSX software distribution is occurring. Our notions of boxed, retail software for MacOS is fading fast as online software downloads shift to becoming the preferred method of cutting out the retail middle-man and keeping margins high. That's unfortunate as discount software purchasing opportunities from other vendors will become more difficult. However software savings do exist and as a counter to Apple - Amazon is beefing up it's own software download storefront to make it easier for both Mac and PC users to directly download a wide range of applications, utilities and games.

MacBook Compatible TimeMachine Backup Drive Options

Best MacBook Backup Drive Options

Each and every Macintosh computer owner really needs a workable Apple backup drive solution to protect yourself from unexpected data loss. With Apple's recent inclusion of TimeMachine backup software in its MacOS operating system, there's really no excuse not to have a total and reliable image of every bit of data that's important to you or your business.

High-Capacity HDD or Ultra-Fast SSD Mac Storage

For TimeMachine users, you want a drive that's LARGER in capacity than the drive built into your MacBook Air or Pro laptop or desktop Macintosh. Regardless if you choose a desktop size external Macintosh compatible backup drive - or a compact portable size external disk drive, always buy the largest HDD or SSD drive capacity you can afford. These days, 500GB hard drive is a realistic minimum, for solid-state drives 255GB. Either will serve you well for many years to come.

Cheap And Affordable USB3 Mac Backup Storage

For users who have simpler data transfer needs, a USB thumb drive for Mac is very convenient for smaller data files,documents, or a batch of photos you need to share. Given how cheap flash memory prices have become, we advise purchasing larger 256Gb or 128GB size keychain drives. You'll be glad you have the extra elbow room.

Centralized Multi-Mac Cloud Backups

In office or home environments with several desktop Macs or MacBook laptop computers needing a data backup and sharing solution, ponder a single, centralized WiFi backup for Mac computers and Apple iOS devices such as Apple's TimeCapsule which shares access to data storage via your Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet network.