Best Mac Gadgets & Accessories For Kids

Kids and Apple Computers - A Great Mac-Match

Apple computers let children learn, grow and express themselves in amazing ways. They want to create, share, organize, communicate and express themselves with this marvelous tool we call our Mac.

Whether off to school with a MacBook laptop - or at their desks with a Mac mini or iMac - it's an empowering addition to a child's daiy life. Kids Love Macs - and so do their teachers. The simplicity of the Macintosh interface is colorful and readily acessible to a child's desire to explore. It isn't just about pointing and clicking. Computers give children a critical leg-up in the world of literacy: Reading & writing just the tip of the iceberg. It opens a world of exploration, trial and error, success and failures - and engages broad aspects of their hungry minds - and motor skills. With good parental guidance at the helm, a Mac becomes a learning tool with no bounds - and not just a distracting time filler.

Mac Gadgets For Your Children

Younger Children are rough on computers and hardware peripherals. Choosing the right Apple computer, armed with a smart selection of the best Mac accessories - some of which are kid specific - can protect your investment. Especially with very young children, your Macintosh is at high risk, laptops more so than desktops. And childproofing your Mac to some degree is wise.

Kids Ideal Print Copy Center

Less is often more in easy to use computer peripherals for your child's Mac. Here, HP makes a great Printing-Copier-Scanning solution with a few simple function buttons that won't overwhelm them - or you - with too many choices.

Affordable Kids All-In-One

Easy To Operate - Simple Controls

Digital Cameras For Kids

When it comes to kids digital cameras - look for rugged models with replaceable AA batteries you can swap out easily and that are readily avaliable. This affordible cam combines Mac compatibility and video recording with a built-in microphone for around $40. A digital still and camera that's Mac compatible which they can call thier own.

VTech Kidizoom Camera

Available in Pink Or Blue

Mac Kids Need Backups Too

Children tend not to cope with loss as well as adults do. And whether it's your kids school reports and projects, or their pictures, computer drawings and doodles - they don't want to lose the data thats important to them any more than you'd like to lose your family photos and medical or financial records. Kids deserve an affordable flash drive to preserve the world that matters to them. Check out Iomega's cool key style drives - no cap to get lost!

USB Key Drive For School Projects

Or Sharing Files & Photos with Friends