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Best Mac Gadgets

Best Gadgets For Your Mac Life

Apple computers let us express ourselves in 101 ways. We create, share, organize, and communicate ourselves with this marvelous tool we call our Macintosh. Whether on the go with a MacBook laptop - or at our desks with a Macintosh mini or iMac - it's an empowering centerpiece in our daiy lives.

Women Love Macs - Disproportionately. The simplicity of the Macintosh, the design and aesthetic overwhemingly appeals more to women than men. And that's a refreshing thing in a world with too many black-box Geeky-Guys who focus on Giga-Blops and Mega-Fritzes Per Second and whatnot. Women's computing needs, tastes and interests are varied. We love to accessorize : Kick it up with color, and have an eye for style! (Check out these Snazzy Pattern 13" MacBook Case Sleeves!) And the kinds of gizmos and gadgets we like to buy are different.

Cool Mac Gadgets To Run Your Life, Family and Business

Whether you're a full-time mom, a go-getter career gal, or a bit of work-at-home both: An Apple computer armed with a smart selection of the best in Mac gadgets, accessories and programs can help you get it done - with style and flair. Run your household, run your business smart - and stay in budget - from the comfort of your Macintosh computer.
Low-Cost WiFi Printer A Rainbow of EarbudsMusic To Your Ears
AirPrint Compatible AIO

Print Scan And Copy
Color Coordinated iTunes

Quality Sound
JBuds Cheap Le Chique
USB Powered Speakers

Enhanced MacBook Sound
For Desktop Or Travel

Polariod POGO Camera-Printer Print Shop For Mac MomsLuggage For Laptops
Share Pictures Instantly
At Parties Weddings Events

2"x3" Color Prints
Invites - Flyers - Posters
Crafts or Scrapbooking

For Fun Or Business
MacBook Laptop Sleeves

Protection To Go
Colorful - Slim - Stylish!

Mobile MacBook Gadgets

With nearly 3/4th's of all Apple Mac's sold portable MacBook Pro and Air laptop computers - The interest in mobile computing peripherals that are compact, lightweight, wireless or rechargeable is high amongst Mac laptop users. We want added functionality without the weight and bulk that transport easily and enhance our notebook computing experience.

Best Mac Gadgets For Kids

Whether you setup separate accounts in OSX for the kids to use - or pass on an older Macintosh computer of their own - children have their own unique set of computing needs. There are KIDS MAC ACCESSORIES and computer peripherals designed just for them. There's large-print, simplified keyboards for your younger child to bang on, low-cost USB mini mice that fit children's hands better and can take a beating (instead of your MacBook's trackpad), or affordable color inkjet printers better suited to kids printing needs than your business.

Apple Compatible Computer Peripherals - Just For Young'uns

Truly OSX Compatible Macintosh Educational Software

There is a reasonable selection of OSX compatible educational and learning software, play-time, and creative applications to keep children busy -- As well as engaging Macintosh games to challenge your children's brains or vent their frustrations. But you need to choose carefully. Boxed, retail educational software is a vanishing breed as personal computing evolves and downloadable software applications become the norm,
Ideally -- Look for this Mac and Universal OSX Logo on Software Packages
Unfortunately, there's still bargain bins full of obsolete and outdated educational and learning software that was widely used by schools and families - who's developers just haven't kept pace with OSX updates. Too many titles still expect now obsolete Apple computers running 'Classic' OS9. So choosing learning games and software for your child that will run on a modern Intel Mac system poses a bit of a challenge. On the MAC LEARNING SOFTWARE page I list some titles you can buy with comfort and confidence knowing they'll run right on OSX without disappointment.

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